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Donations large and small can help us meet our $500,000 goal. A $30,000 named endowment funds one Clarion instructor each year forever; a $100,000 endowment funds the anchor team forever. A donation of $150 per month covers tuition for one student and automatically sets up a named scholarship in your honor. Smaller donations are important, too, for ensuring that every student who is accepted to the workshop can attend.

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  • Create an Annual Named Scholarship
    Many organizations and individuals pledge to provide money each year for a scholarship in their name. Click here to see a list of some of the named scholarships currently available to Clarion students. For a pledge of as little as $250 per year, your name could be on this list! To find out about setting up a Clarion scholarship in your name, contact the Clarion Foundation's Treasurer today. The Clarion Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible.

  • Contribute to an Existing Named Scholarship
    Various groups have established named scholarship funds for Clarion students. Outside organizations fund most of these, but the following are funded by earmarked donations from people like you. To contribute to a named scholarship, click here.

  • Contribute to the Clarion Foundation's General Fund
    The Foundation's General Fund is used to provide scholarships for Clarion students and to further our mission of ensuring financial stability for the Workshop. All contributions to the general fund benefit the Clarion Workshop and its students and are tax deductible. Use the form immediately below.


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Tom Chmielewski, Clarion Treasurer
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Kalamazoo, MI 49019

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"Clarion consistently trains and turns out the sharpest, most talented, most wildly original voices in our field. Where lesser programs exert a normative pressure that forces all the work coming out of them to a kind of even keel of sameness, the Clarion workshop manages the nearly impossible trick of bringing out writers' individual voices, turning out vividly dreaming graduates whose work turns the field on its ear every five years or so."

Cory Doctorow
Clarion Foundation Trustee